About Us

The Outside Word is a blog where two siblings publish short stories about strange themes, often humorous, satirical or absurd—sometimes serious. We strive to publish a new story every Sunday.

All of our stories are also available en français.

Contact us: info@outsideword.com


Sophie Breuleux is a fantastic woman after a few beers—no matter who's drinking them. Otherwise, she is an ordinary woman who, after having studied marketing, now wants to spend her life writing stories for readers. She may be found meditating about the meaning of life in front of a coffee cup and a dry scone at a Starbucks.

You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter, where she tries her best not to embarrass herself.

Olivier Breuleux is an unpleasant and contemptuous man. He holds a master's degree in machine learning which he spent devising superior artificial intelligence capable of bringing the world to its knees—in vain, it must be said, but it wasn't for lack of trying. He preaches nihilism and cheers himself up by binging House of Cards in the winter. He tolerates kittens.

You can read his blog on programming stuff, which he seldomly updates.